il 28-02-2020
Montone - venerdi' 28 febbraio - dalle ore 18:00 - L'Antica Osteria
Hello everyone

On Friday, February 28th there will be the Open Mic in Montone for the second time.
The concert takes place in L 'Infernaccio's beautiful room.

4 Artists / bands:
Arcano Opificio Perugino
Michael "the Grif" Brondum
Filippo Poderini

Special Guest for the second time. Coming from London:

Niall Kelly

+ Open mic
So if anyone wants to come and play a number or 2, come and write you on the list.

Free entry

Aperi - Cena 8 euros.

Good wine and drinks in bar ...
Hope to see you all .. it will be a party
If you can't come this mounthy ... don't worry ... Open Mic is repeated on the last Friday of every month.

Wineuropa, 11/02/2020 17:41:52
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